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Villanova University Science Labs – Villanova, PA

Villanova University was able to raise the funds to renovate the ground floor level of the Mendel Hall Science Laboratories. These labs were original to the building and the University’s goal was to renovate the labs to a level that would afford their students the best opportunity to work in a laboratory setting that reflects what they might experience in the working world. 

The four labs that were fully renovated include the Ecology Lab, the AP Teaching Lab, the Research Lab, and the Physiology lab. Along with the laboratories, we built a Seminar Room featuring the latest in the video technology. The featured pictures depict the AP Laboratory, which features a state of the art ventilation system used during dissecting. We replaced all the under slab piping for the drain lines, water lines and gas lines. The floors feature an epoxy floor covering, the lighting is LED and the storefront glass features an electrified film system that allows the glass to go from opaque to clear by an operative light switch in each laboratory. We also renovated three rooms on the third floor of Mendel Hall to house a high tech chemistry lab and chemical storage rooms to meet the required OSHA standards.

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